All Question On One Page false false I ______ to him about it when we meet. 2 After the performance ______ over, come backstage and meet the cast. 1 I refuse to go there unless you ______ with me. 1 I will call you immediately when I ______. 1 When you read this letter, I ______ gone. 2 If I ______ my house, I will take a long holiday. 1 The show is not over until the fat lady ______. 1 You should read the contract carefully before you ______ it. 1 I'll speak to him about it when I ______ him. 1 I ______ there unless you are there with me. 2 Whenever I ______ a bit down, I think of Paris. 1 If I lose my job, I ______ travelling for a while. 2 We are going to open tomorrow night whether you ______ it or not! 1 By the time you ______ this email, I will have left. 1 I ______ you as soon as I reach the house. 2