All Question On One Page false false Are you enjoying the party? 1 Hi John. How are things going at work? 1 I can't stop thinking about the holidays. I can't wait! 1 I'm having a big party for my twenty-first birthday. 2 I'm not working tomorrow. Hurray! 2 Are you going out for dinner after work? 2 I'm playing tennis with Alf tomorrow. 2 I'm reading a really good book - it's called Nemesis. 1 I'm seeing my parents on Saturday. 2 Susana! You're not listening to me! 1 We're going to Malaga for our holidays this year. 2 What are you doing later? Would you like a coffee? 2 What are you laughing at? What's the joke? 1 Why are you wearing a jacket? It isn't cold. 1