All Question On One Page false false Next month: 2nd (Sat.) – my birthday. Party! 4th – day off 10th (Sun.) – flight OS462 15.40 11th, 12th, 13th – conference, Vienna 15th – dentist 3 p.m. 22nd – Mum & Dad arrive, evening 23rd – Toni's Restaurant (make reservation!) 25th – Mum & Dad > home 29th – payday Steve's having a birthday party on Saturday 2nd. 1 He's taking a day off on Tuesday. 2 He's flying to Vienna on Sunday 10th in the morning. 2 He's seeing his dentist on 15th. 1 His parents are visiting him from 23rd to 25th. 2 He's getting paid on the last Friday of the month. 1