All Question On One Page true false My country does a lot of BUSINESS with Argentina. 2 My brother's self-employed. He owns a small BUSINESS. 1 I wanted to get my hair cut today but I didn't have TIME. 2 April is always a really busy TIME in our office. 1 After dinner, I usually go for a walk in the WOOD near our house. 1 I can't tell if this table is made of WOOD or plastic. 2 I can't see you this weekend. I've got too much WORK. 2 The Mona Lisa is probably Europe's best-known WORK of Renaissance art. 1 All Sam's children have long, fair HAIR. 2 Excuse me, waiter, but there's a HAIR in my soup. 1 The automobile INDUSTRY is a vital part of the United States economy. 1 Fifty years ago, most of the people in this city worked in heavy INDUSTRY. 2