Sue: Are you alright? You look a bit upset Ian: I'm not feeling that good, actually Sue: Why? What's the matter? Ian: Well, you know my Uncle Harry? Sue: The jazz musician? He lives in Bristol? Ian: Yes. Well, he's had to go into hospital. Sue: Oh dear. Ian: He's got a problem in his chest. He can't breathe. I'm worried that it might get worse Sue: Oh dear. Sorry to hear that. Still, it might be something temporary. Sometimes these things just go away. Ian: It's never happened to him before, though. Sue: I expect he'll be okay. He's probably sitting up in bed already, chatting to the nurses and asking for his trumpet. Ian: Well, it's possible I suppose. He did always play in smoky rooms with his band, and drink quite a lot - it was Hot Jazz after all. Perhaps I should give the hospital a ring later and see how he is. Sue: Yes, good idea. Or you could leave a bit early as well, pop round to the hospital and see how he is? Do they owe you any overtime? Ian: Hours and hours of it! Perhaps I'll do that. I'll give them a ring first though, just in case. Sue: Good idea. Ian: Anyway, that's enough of my problems. I was just feeling a bit scared I suppose. How are you anyway? Any news?