Abdul: "I work for a company in Dubai." = Abdul said he worked for a company in Dubai. Bronwen: "I'm studying German in my free time."= Browen said she was studying German in her free time. Ciaran: "I don't know where John is." = Ciaran said he didn't know where John was. Dmitri: "I'm not feeling very well." = Dmitri said he was not feeling very well. Erika: "I'll see my parents tomorrow." = Erika said she would see her parents the next day. Fatima: "I can't go out with you." = Fatima said she couldn't go out with us. https://339efcb25eb75e967b0d-ff8eeadd950d51fd1fc939dca75b3973.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/assets_green.swf