Mary: Hello Carolina. It's lovely to meet you. Carolina: Hello. ______________________________ 1 2 Mary: Did you have a good journey? Carolina: ______________________. The train was a bit late, but it was fine. We got a bus from the station. It was easy. 1 3 4 Mary: And you're in this room Carolina. Carolina: _________________. I love the colour. And what pretty curtains too. 1 2 4 Mary: Now, I've put some towels out for you - here they are on the bed. And we turned the radiator on in here this morning so it should be nice and warm for you. Carolina: Oh thank you. ___________________________. I'm sure I'll be very comfortable. Thank you very much for inviting me. 1 2 3 Carolina: No, no, it's OK Jamie. I can drink the tea with milk. Doug: No, let's get you another. Carolina: Well OK, ________________________________. Thank you. 1 2 3 Doug: So Carolina. What do you think of this country of ours? A bit cold for you is it? Carolina: ______________. It's very different from Venezuela, but I like it here. And the people are very friendly. 1 2 4 Carolina: ___________________________ . Mary: Well thank you. It's nothing grand but we like it. 2 3 4 Carolina: ______________________________ Mary: Since we got married, that'll be what, twenty-five years nearly is it Doug? 1 2 4