false Someone is standing at the door of the bus and you want to get past. What do you say? 1 A man is standing next to you at the airport and you put your suitcase on his foot. What do you say? 3 You are outside the supermarket. An old woman has some very heavy bags of shopping. She says “Could you help me carry these bags to my car?” What do you say? 2 The old woman is very grateful for your help and says “Thank you. That’s very kind of you”. What do you say? 1 You’re on a train. The woman sitting opposite says “Do you mind if I open the window?” What do you say? 2 You’re walking along the street. A driver stops and asks you the way to the motorway. You don’t know. What do you say? 3 https://339efcb25eb75e967b0d-ff8eeadd950d51fd1fc939dca75b3973.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/assets_green.swf