One Question Per Page false false In episode 1, who introduces Magda? 3 In episode 3, where does Magda suggest that Harry looks for a job? 2 In episode 4, what does Magda think of Harry? 3 In episode 6, what does Magda think of Olivia's nephew Joe? 1 In episode 7, Magda is thinking about getting a job. What does she want to do? 2 In episode 8, who promises to give Magda interview advice? 1 In episode 9, Magda is given a lot of interview advice. How does it make her feel? 3 In episode 10, whose toe did Magda step on? 2 In episode 11, did Magda get the job? 2 In episode 12, Magda has been offered a permanent job. What does she have to do first? 2