One Question Per Page false false A: What's wrong?<br> &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; B: It's okay. It's just that I've got really bad toothache. When I drink hot or cold things it's agony. 3 A: Well, only warm drinks for you from now on. When did it start? 3 B: I think it was Sunday lunch. I was alright during the main course, but the ice cream afterwards … well, it was like knitting needles to the brain… 1 A: Have you been to the dentist? 3 B: Do you think I should? These things just go away eventually, don't they? Once the hole fills up with … food? 3 A: Deano – if it's that bad you're going to have to go to the dentist. I presume you can still eat? 1 B: Yes, of course. If it's no too hot. Or cold. Or acid. Or sweet. 3 A: Look Deano, you're being stupid. We'll go to the dentist's as soon as we finish this job. 1 B: Well, if you think it's that important. But I don't like people's fingers in my mouth … 3 A: I'll come with you, if you're a bit nervous. I don't mind waiting. 2 B: Thanks, Sally. But I can go by myself. I'm not that scared. 2 A: Who said you were? But seriously, I don't mind at all. 3