One Question Per Page false false A: What's the matter?<br> B: It's nothing, really. Just my flatmate's cat bit me yesterday, and it's really painful when I bend my elbow. 2 A: Sandra's cat? What did she say? 1 B: Well nothing - because I haven't told her. I was playing with Tiger and perhaps it was my fault. But it really hurts. And this isn't the first time she's bitten me. 3 A: Have you ever said anything to Sandra? 2 B: Well, not really. It's her flat. What could I say? 2 A: Mo – if this happens a lot you have to tell her. She'd listen, wouldn't she? 3 B: Yes, course she would. But if I sit on the other sofa everything's okay and there's no problem 1 A: Don't be ridiculous, Mo. You can't spend your life avoiding a cat. Have a word with Sandra tonight when you get home 3 B: Do you think so? I don’t want to annoy her 2 A: Would you like me to be there? We could say I came round to borrow a DVD. 1 B: Thanks, Julie. But it's okay – I'll have a word with her. 3 A: I don't mind coming. I enjoy watching a difficult conversation. 2