All Question On One Page true false The author discusses classical human virtues and explains how _____ character traits are still relevant today. 1 A: Did you have a good time at Clara's party? B: _____ was fun, but I went home quite early. 1 The study found that employees were often spending too much time at their desks. _____, in turn, was leading to reduced productivity. 2 It's a particularly difficult time for _____ who are struggling to buy food and heat their houses. 3 I don't like _____ new boyfriend of hers. He was really rude to the waiter. 2 Do you have any time-saving tips of your own to share with our listeners? Please do ___ by sending us a brief recorded message. 2 Bees and eagles might not seem to have much in common, but these _____ are very similar in the way they navigate. 2 The product we received was broken. Looking at the company website, I realised ours was not the only _____ case. 3