All Question On One Page true false The company has built five self-heating houses that stay warm when the temperature is below zero. More _____ houses are planned for the new year. 2 Customers were confused about how to book appointments. _____ surprising given all the recent changes to the system. 2 Our results are similar to _____ achieved last year by a much bigger team. 2 In 2016, my life changed completely ... (two paragraphs later) _____ life-changing event in 2016 meant that ... 1 Most myths and legends have some element of truth in them. _____ explain why they have been around so long. 1 Please notify the company if you change your address. Failure to do _____ may result in your insurance cover being temporarily interrupted. 1 A cough, sore throat and runny nose can feel inevitable at this time of year. But scientists investigating the cold have proved that this common _____ can be avoided. 1 _____ live in the area are delighted with the new car-free zones. 2