One Question Per Page false false 'Why don't you come and visit us next week?' → She invited us _____ and visit them next week. 2 'I didn't lock the door.' → He admitted not _____ the door. 2 'Don't close the window!' → I told him not _____ the window. 1 'I'm so sorry I missed your birthday.' → She apologised for _____ my birthday. 3 'I don't think it's a good idea to invite him.' → She advised us not _____ him. 1 'I'm definitely going to the meeting. I really need to be there.' → He insisted on _____ to the meeting. 2 'Please leave this area immediately.' → The police instructed us _____ the area. 3 'I won't do it again!' → He promised not _____ it again. 3