One Question Per Page false false 'My best friend at school became a nurse first, then a paramedic.' → He told me that his best friend at school ___ a nurse first, then a paramedic. 2 'I had lived in four countries by the age of ten.' → She said that she ___ in four countries by the age of ten. 3 'I commute 45 minutes to work.' → She told me that she ___ 45 minutes to work, but I bet it takes longer now with the roadworks. 2 'We were hoping to have our wedding in June.' → She told me that they ___ to have their wedding in June. In the end, though, they got married in September. 1 'Oh, hi, Ethan! I'm just leaving, unfortunately.' → When I got there I saw him, but he said he ___. 2 'We've seen four elephants already and it's only our first day.' → He said that they ___ four elephants on their first day. Imagine what animals they've seen by now! 3 'I love this restaurant!' → We could go back to Bella Roma? Chloe said she loved ___ restaurant! 1 'I told Dom to email you three days ago.' → She said that she had told Dom to email me three days ___, but it's been a week now and I still haven't heard. 3