One Question Per Page false false Where's Clare? Her bag's here and her computer's still on so she _____ gone home. 3 I can't remember my password! But I _____ written it in my notebook as sometimes I do that. 2 He wasn't answering the phone before. Maybe he went to the shop or he _____ been in the shower. 2 Sorry, I don't know if she's here or not. She was feeling ill so she _____ gone home. 2 She _____ cleaned the whole house on her own in two hours. She must have had some help. 3 Wow! Have you finished all that already? You _____ been hungry! 1 He _____ known about it when I saw him. I'm sure he would have told me. 3 Oh, great! His car's here. He _____ come home earlier than planned. 1