One Question Per Page false false This glass lets us see in front of the car and protects us from the wind and the weather. 3 This is where we can put bags and other large objects. It's usually at the back of the car. 2 The driver uses this to make the car turn. 2 These clean the windscreen. We also use them when it's raining. 3 This allows the driver to see behind the car. Most cars have two or three. 2 When our car breaks down, we put this on the road to show that it is stopped. 3 We use this to show that the car is going to turn left or right. 2 We turn these on when it is dark or raining so we can see better. There are usually two. 1 This touches the road. There are usually four and they are round and black. 3 This covers the motor. It's usually at the front of a car. 1