One Question Per Page false false (Mr Spencer comes into the shop) Carolina: _______, Mr Spencer. Mr Spencer: Everything OK? Carolina: Oh yes, yes. Fine. 1 Half past eleven – time for bed. I've got to get up early in the morning. _______ everybody. 2 _______. We'd like a table for four people, please. Non-smoking. 1 _______ and thank you for a lovely evening. We’ve had a wonderful time. 2 (on the television) _______ and welcome to ‘Find a pop star UK'. We've got a fantastic show for you tonight. 1 (on television) And that’s the end of the show. I hope you’ll join us again next week. _______. 2 (television news) Now let's go over to our reporter on the scene, David Jasper. _______, David. What's happening at the moment? 1 Come on kids, it's late. I'll come and say _______ when you're in bed. 2