One Question Per Page false false I haven't been here very long. How was your band practice? 1 Cameron's got a really good voice – and he's started writing some songs now. 2 We've got some exciting news. Let me just get a drink. What do you want? 2 We've got a gig. A concert. A job for the band. They want us to play at the Students' Union next month. 2 A concert! That's fantastic. I'm so proud of you. 1 He's friends with the guy who's the manager of the Students' Union bar. 2 He's sitting very close to her. 1 Stop it. Don't be so suspicious. 2 Look! A really long kiss. That's not a sister or a friend. 1 But he's supposed to be Emily's boyfriend. She really likes him. She's so happy. 1 Just wait. We don't want to upset Cameron. 2 Let's take our drinks outside. There are some tables in the garden. 2