One Question Per Page false false From: Yoko (<br> To: Ivan (<br> Subject: RE: Ivan's new proposal<br> <br> Hello Ivan,<br> Thanks for your email asking for my thoughts about your proposal. Unfortunately, I can't comment, as you hadn't sent the proposal with your email. <br>Regards, Yoko 2 From: Jackie Brown (<br> To: Ivan (<br> Subject: RE: IT request<br> <br> Dear Ivan, <br>You sent me an IT request. However, I don't work in IT. I think you meant to write to Jack Browning, not me. We both have similar names! <br>Best wishes, Jackie Brown 1 From: Zhu Wan (<br> To: Ivan (<br> Subject: RE: Could you check my English?<br> <br> Dear Ivan, <br>Thank you for your email asking me to check the English in your report before you send it to the Sales Team in our Europe offices. <br>I'll be glad to check it for you. When can you send it to me? <br>Best wishes, Zhu Wan 5 From: Cory Bohol ( <br>To: Ivan ( <br>Subject: RE: Business plan <br> <br>Hello Ivan, <br>Thanks for your long email about your business plan. Unfortunately, it's very long (3 pages of A4) so the director has asked for a short summary. Could you send a shorter version (150-200 words)? <br>With thanks, Cory Bohol 4