One Question Per Page false false Ravi: I'm Ravi. And we're your presenters ... – AAH! <br>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; Tess: Ravi? What's up? Are you OK? <br> <br>Tess is ... 3 Ravi: It's alright. I've really hurt my leg. Just there. When I do that it really hurts. AAGGH. <br>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; Tess: Well, don't do it again, silly. What have you done? <br> <br>Tess is ... 2 Ravi: I think it was playing football on Saturday. It was OK after the match – well, it hurt a bit but it's getting worse, I think. <br>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; Tess: Have you been to the doctor's? <br> <br>Tess is ... 1 Ravi: What? Er ... no. No. It'll be OK in a couple of days, I'm sure. <br>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; Tess: Ravi! If it's really hurting you, you have to go to the doctor. Can you walk OK? <br> <br>Tess is ... 3 Ravi: Yes, Tess, it's fine. I can walk OK, as long as I don't do this, AAGGHH! <br>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; Tess: Don't be so silly, Ravi. It might be something serious. Go to the doctor's after we're finished the podcast, OK? <br> <br>Tess is ... 2 Ravi: I'm sure it's nothing serious but OK. <br>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; Tess: I'll give you a lift, if you want. <br> <br>Tess is ... 1 Ravi: Thanks, Tess. It's OK, though. <br>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; Tess: It's no problem. I'll give you a lift. It won't take long. <br> <br>Tess is ... 2