One Question Per Page false false a) There are BEARS in the forest – be careful if you go camping.<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;b) My grandfather has a long black BEARD. 2 a) The boat didn't have an engine so we had to ROW.<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;b) I had a terrible ROW with my parents last night. 2 a) The Eiffel TOWER is a famous landmark in Paris.<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;b) The exam lasted an HOUR. 1 a) The cat came in THROUGH the kitchen window.<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;b) Is it a TRUE story? 1 a) Would you like SOME cake?<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;b) I think it's time for me to go HOME. 2 a) We're going to do grammar for the first PART of the lesson.<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;b) My mother has to take pills for her HEART condition. 1 a) You SHOULD visit York if you go to Britain – it's beautiful.<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;b) That's a GOOD idea. 1 a) Have you EVER been to Morocco?<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;b) She's not well – she's got a high FEVER. 2 a) A centaur is half HORSE and half man.<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;b) Oh no! The weather's going to get WORSE next week. 2 a) Coffee BREAK is at 10.30.<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; b) I'd like my STEAK cooked medium rare please. 1