One Question Per Page false false I don't want to speak to Mary today but I'LL SPEAK to her tomorrow. 2 My dad usually gets up early, but on Sundays he'LL STAY in bed until nine or ten o'clock. 3 It's a lovely, sunny day today. We WON'T NEED an umbrella. 1 My brother was so angry that he WOULDN'T ANSWER my phone calls for a week. 2 I promise I'LL WRITE to you every day. 4 Nicky thought she'D BE late for the meeting so she took a taxi from the station. 1 Don't worry. I'm sure your new passport WILL BE ready soon. 1 When I was in the army, we'D GET UP at 5 a.m. every day. 3 Michele was sure he WOULDN'T PASS his exam, so he was amazed when he got such a good result! 1 Hello. WILL/WOULD you OPEN the door for me, please? 4