One Question Per Page false false That man CAN'T be a doctor. He looks too young. 1 You CAN'T wear jeans at work. Men have to wear a suit and a tie. 2 Did you know that Mozart COULD play the piano by the time he was five? 2 I'm not sure where the café is. I think it COULD be in the next street. 1 When you've finished the test, you MAY quietly leave the room. 2 I'm busy tomorrow but I MAY be able to see you on Thursday. Let me phone you. 1 You know what? I think this rain MIGHT be stopping. 1 I know you're busy, but MIGHT I ask you a quick question? 2 I'm just writing to say congratulations on your engagement. You MUST be really happy! 1 You MUST make sure that you save all documents in the correct folder. 2 WILL you come with me, please? 2 These chocolates are lovely – but I'LL be sick if I eat any more! 1