One Question Per Page false false I was furious when my new computer stopped working. I ___ it for just two weeks! 2 Paul's one of my closest friends. I ___ him since we were at school together. 1 This time next year, my parents ___ married for 50 years. 3 Do we have to watch this film again? We ___ it three times already. 1 By the time he was 30, Baker ___ more than 50 different countries. 2 Just as they left the railway station, they realised that they ___ on the wrong train. 2 All my friends are getting married. By the end of this year, I ___ to six weddings! 3 I'm afraid I can't use this credit card. I ___ my PIN number. 1 By the year 2500, I'm sure mankind ___ how to travel faster than light. 3