One Question Per Page false false A: Do you know where Adam is? B: Yes, I've ___ seen him. He's in the kitchen. 3 Jackie sent off more than 20 job applications last month, but ___ she hasn't had any replies. 1 A: Have you finished reading that book? B: Finished? I haven't started it ___! 1 He promised to write to me once a week but ___ I've only received a postcard. 2 A: Liz is looking very healthy these days. B: Yes, she's ___ started yoga classes. 3 A: Have you ___ been in a helicopter? B: Yes. Once was enough! 1 A: Can I have a cup of tea? B: I've ___ come home. You make it! 2 ___ I've been to six countries in Europe and next week I'll see three more! 1