One Question Per Page false false Oh, dear. It's raining again. (MAIN VERB) 2 My parents have never been to a foreign country. (MAIN VERB) 3 I'll see you on Thursday, OK? Goodbye. (MAIN VERB) 1 Look! Somebody's broken this window! (AUXILIARY VERB) 3 I'm not feeling very well. (AUXILIARY VERB) 1 Are you planning anything special for your birthday? (AUXILIARY VERB) 1 Have you ever met Linda, Simon's wife? (AUXILIARY VERB) 2 Our daughter could read at the age of five. (MODAL VERB) 1 Should I phone you again this afternoon? (MODAL VERB) 3 Excuse me, but you're standing on my foot. (VERB PHRASE) 3 I can speak German pretty well. (VERB PHRASE) 1 We've always wanted to visit Rajasthan, in India. (VERB PHRASE) 1