One Question Per Page false false Thanks for the party. I really ENJOYED it. – Have a good holiday. Try to ENJOY yourself! 1 I'll phone you when I ARRIVE at my hotel. – What time did this letter ARRIVE? 2 You look like you're lost. Can I HELP? – Go and HELP your mother make the dinner. 3 When I told Anthony about my problems, he just LAUGHED. – Why are you LAUGHING at me? Have I said something funny? 2 I'm a French teacher but in fact I STUDIED geography at university. – Before my final exam, I STUDIED ten hours every day for a month. 3 There's no need for you to BUY anything for my birthday. – I'd love to BUY those earrings but they're too expensive. 1 I need to TAKE a shower. – Can I ask you to TAKE our photograph? 1 The film was so frightening that I couldn't WATCH. – Can you WATCH those cakes? Make sure they don't burn. 3 King Richard III of England DIED in August 1485. – Hundreds of climbers have DIED on Mount Everest. 2 This mouse doesn't WORK. I think it needs a new battery. – Would you prefer to WORK from 7 to 3 or from 9 to 5? 2 If you'll FOLLOW me, I'll show you the rest of the house. – I don't remember this song very well. You start, and I'll FOLLOW. 3 Milton always WEARS very smart clothes. He must be rich. – Are you WEARING your new dress to the party tonight? 1