One Question Per Page false false I'm very busy next week. I can't come to the meeting unless it ___ on Friday. 1 I promise to call you as soon as we ___. 1 I ___ you what happened as long as you keep it a secret. 2 If I ___ a job soon, I'll go travelling for a while. 1 I'm sure Donal won't continue working here even if we ___ him more money. 1 Sorry, I don't think your keys are here. If I find them, I ___ you know. 2 When you ___ Silvana, can you tell her to phone me? 1 If I ___ to sell my house, I'm going to take a long holiday. 1 You should read the contract carefully before you ___ it. 1 We ___ for some lunch when we get to the next petrol station. 2 You're not going out until you ___ your homework. 1 I promise I ___ the dog for a walk after I've had my dinner. 2