One Question Per Page false false The PDA application ran more slowly than I expected but this was __________ the speed of the PDA rather than the algorithms. 2 Only two main procedures are used; this is __________ the primary aim of the program is to capture input. 1 There is no steady state pattern present in the simulation. This is __________ the fact that it takes different amounts of time to travel to each vendor. 2 The reason for the diversity is __________ inaccuracies in the force test rig. 2 This is __________ the estimated model should be accurate and avoid over-parameterisation. 1 The evaluation by the expert is limited __________ of the different level of understanding required.. 1 Difficulties in machining this profile can be __________ the swarf being pulled into the path of the cutter. 2 Short-term fading is __________ multipath propagation, and is also known as multipath induced fading. 2 You may notice that the xlow value appears to start at 4. This is __________ of the way the bracketing method works. 1