One Question Per Page false false The builders are working REALLY SLOWLY. When will they be finished? 1 Liam lived in Paris for a year so he speaks QUITE WELL French. 2 We're good friends with our neighbours. We invite OFTEN them for dinner. 2 IN MY COAT POCKET you'll find a bottle of tablets. Can you go and get them? 1 The minister ANGRILY refused to answer any more of the journalists' questions. 1 We can still catch the train but we have to RIGHT NOW leave. Come on! 2 Sorry, I can't see you THIS WEEKEND. I'm studying for my exams. 1 I don't USUALLY watch football on TV, except really important things like the World Cup. 1 There is IN THE KITCHEN plenty of food and drink. Please help yourself. 2 Hilary went into a café and ordered QUICKLY a cup of coffee. 2