One Question Per Page false false The MPs caused a scandal when they voted to give ___ a 20 per cent pay rise. 1 I'm just going to get ___ a coffee. Do you want one too? 1 Do you have any photos of ___? We need one for the website. 1 I attached the document to an email and sent it to ___. 1 There was a little cat with a huge dog next to ___. 2 Today was the first time my son walked to school by ___. 1 I don't want to get married. I prefer living by ___. 1 I'm sorry, I don't have any cash on ___. Can I pay by card? 2 The Webb family have a huge garden, but the house ___ is quite small. 1 The new university was opened by the President ___. 1 We couldn't afford a decorator so we painted the flat ___. 1 Sue took her parents with ___ on holiday. 2