One Question Per Page false Carolina: They’re nice. Jamie: Which ones? Those boots? Carolina: No, those shoes at the back. _________________. Let’s go in and have a look. 3 Carolina: Five and a half. What does that mean? I’m a thirty-six in Venezuela. Jamie: Yeah, British sizes are different. _________________ . See if they fit. 1 Jamie: What about these red ones? Carolina: They’re horrible! _________________ . I can’t wear very high heels – I can’t walk. 4 Jamie: These black ones then. They’re a size 5. Carolina: Mmm. They’re quite nice. _________________? Jamie: Ninety-five pounds. 2 Carolina: Now _________________. Black. Not too high. And not too expensive. Jamie: Why don’t you try them on? 3 Carolina: Excuse me? _________________? Shop Assistant: In a 5? In black or grey? 4 Carolina: So _________________ – the grey ones or the black ones? Jamie: They’re both nice. 1 Jamie: OK, if I say I prefer the black ones, can we just buy them and get out of here? Carolina: Yes, _________________ the black ones. Do you like them? Or do you prefer the grey ones? 4 Carolina: Excuse me. Shop assistant: Yes? Carolina: _________________. Shop assistant: The black ones? 1