One Question Per Page false false A: Do you know when Mike's birthday is? <br> B: ___ is some time in August, I think. 1 A: Do you know where my car keys are?<br> B: No, I haven't seen ___ since last night. 3 A: Those strawberries at the supermarket looked beautiful.<br> B: Yes, but ___ don't taste of anything! 2 A: Well, did you enjoy the film?<br> B: No, not at all. ___ was awful! 1 A: Have you finished that book I lent you?<br> B: Sorry, I haven't started ___ yet! 1 A: Are these your socks on the floor?<br> B: No, ___ are yours! 2 A: What do you think about The Beatles?<br> B: The Beatles? I've never heard of ___. 3 A: I've brought some white wine.<br> B: Thanks. Shall we put ___ in the fridge for a while? 1