One Question Per Page false false I'll need to ______ a lot of work before I'm ready for this exam. 1 Excuse me, I just need to ______ a quick phone call. 2 Don't worry about it. We all ______ mistakes. 2 There's no food in the flat. We really should ______ some shopping. 1 Tina's a great cook but she always ______ a terrible mess in the kitchen. 2 Although we ______ our best, we lost the football match 4-1. 1 No, you can't go out tonight! Go and ______ your homework. 1 This is the most difficult decision I've ever had to ______. 2 I like Andrzej but I'm not sure we should ______ business together. He's not always reliable. 1 If you want to learn a foreign language, you really have to be ready to ______ an effort. 2 Sadly, I spent all my time in Paris working. I didn't have time to ______ any sightseeing. 1