One Question Per Page false Extra shelves have to be _______ every year. 4 The British Library is a good place to come to _______about the English language. 1 We have documents here that _______ a thousand years. 1 In Shakespeare's period, printing had already _______ . 2 William Caxton later _______ to print Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. 4 William Caxton often had to _______ how to spell words himself. 3 Texts written in Old English are very hard to read, and it can be difficult to _______ the meaning. 2 Many changes have _______ in the English language since the Internet was invented. 2 You've spelt 'necessary' wrong. You've _______ the second 's'. 2 SMS language has really _______ in the last ten years - everyone understands the more common abbreviations now, even my mum! 2