One Question Per Page false When I was younger I never used to _______ about the future, but now I worry a lot more. 1 When it comes to _______ new gadgets, James Dyson is your man. 2 When I went to Britain, I found it hard to get used to _______ on the left-hand side of the road. 2 'Eat your Way to Health: A Beginner's Guide to _______ Weight' 2 'Just Put it Out! - The Easy Way to _______ Smoking' 1 It's very hard to overcome the addiction to _______. 2 After three hours of interrogation, the suspect finally confessed to _______ the police officer. 2 She devotes all of her time to _______ the poor and needy. 2 Since we had the baby we never seem to have any time to _______. 1 I am looking forward to _______ from you soon. Yours sincerely, John Holden 2