I've got another meeting at 11am, I may be late. It's -15ºC outside. You must be frozen. Talk to Miriam in Human Resources. She should be able to help. He works every weekend, you know. That can't be healthy. Mark's starting a new school on Monday. It can be very difficult at first. I am thinking again about what Alison said. She may be right. The roads were very bad this evening. They could have been stuck in the snow. I can't see your train on the board. It may have been cancelled. It was a pretty vicious dog. He must have been terrified. There were no delays. They should have landed by now. https://339efcb25eb75e967b0d-ff8eeadd950d51fd1fc939dca75b3973.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/assets_green.swf