abolition the ending of a law or system to exploit to use someone or something unfairly and to your own advantage human trafficking the activity of buying and selling people a domestic worker a person who works in a private house to cook, clean and look after the home domestic servitude when a domestic worker is not free to leave their job because of their working conditions power imbalance a situation in which one person or group has control over others coercion the use of threats or power to make someone do something they do not want to do to deprive to take something away from someone ethically-sourced produced in a fair and responsible way, with respect for workers and the environment a back story things that have happened to someone or something in the past https://339efcb25eb75e967b0d-ff8eeadd950d51fd1fc939dca75b3973.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/assets_default.swf