Hello Mrs Hannan,<br> I hope you are well, and that you are still teaching at Perrymead School. greeting As you may remember, I was in your English class last year. I am now applying for jobs, and I need to give employers a reference. I am writing to ask if you could possibly do this for me. reason for writing Would you mind if I put your name on my CV as a referee? Could you let me know if this is possible? request I also have some good news: I am engaged, and we’re getting married next February, so of course I am very excited! other news I look forward to hearing from you soon. <br>With best wishes,<br>Elena Chaois ‘look forward to’ + ending https://339efcb25eb75e967b0d-ff8eeadd950d51fd1fc939dca75b3973.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/assets_green.swf