Analyse the strategies used by the Apple Corporation to build and sustain competitive advantage. Case Study Explore the role of the small business sector in the UK economy and in your own country. Essay Conduct a brief literature review on a topic of interest related to business, information systems, social issues, etc. Literature Survey Over the course of the semester, you’ll be expected to turn in four well-written reflection essays. Event Recount Explain the purposes of advertising research with reference to an example with which you are familiar. Explanation Write a 600-word explanation of the attached paper. You are free to choose the style in which you write your assignment. It may be an opinion piece, a piece of straight news reporting as you'd see in a newspaper, or a more creative piece you might find in a magazine. Public Engagement Create an application which gives the user the ability to open and display an image, and to change the background colour of the form. Design Specification Meltese and Leponese have identical phonetic inventories, but different phonological inventories. Give the phonetic inventory the two languages share, and then the phonological vowel inventory for each language. Indicate the line of reasoning which led to your answer. Exercise The assignment is due on Thursday, May 10. It should be written in APA style, and it should include an abstract, an introduction with literature review and hypotheses, a section describing methods and procedures in detail, a brief consideration of data analyses, and a discussion section that examines reliability, validity, reactive effects, ethical issues, etc. Research Report Write not more than 1000 words to describe your research methodology, i.e., what approach you took to carry out your project. It should say whether or not your research was exploratory, descriptive or explanatory and why, whether your research was qualitative or quantitative in nature and why, what approach and techniques you used to carry out your project and why. Methodogy Recount Design the most cost-effective waste heat-recovery system. Problem Question Identify and analyse the marketing campaign surrounding the publication of a new title. Proposal Write a review of M. I. Finley: ‘The World of Odysseus’. Critique Assignment Brief Genre Family