This paper will firstly evaluate different financial ratios of this company and deduce several factors that this company needs to consider before expansion. Secondly, the two funding options will be examined and relative assumptions will be stated according to the ratio evaluation. Thirdly, under the current circumstances, alternative sources of finance for XYZ will be recommended. Preparing for Professional Practice The essay introduces the proposals of the Serial Endosymbiosis Theory (SET), and discusses the evidence supporting the theory. Other theories opposing SET, along with supporting evidence, are also briefly discussed in order to argue a balanced case for endosymbiosis. Developing Powers of Independent Reasoning This review will examine the different approaches used to tackle truancy within schools. It will look in detail at the methodology used to research the effectiveness of such interventions. Building Research Skills This learning journal will support my own development in cultural communications and increase my awareness of cultural diversity. Writing for Oneself and Others This seminar paper aims to identify the role of the hospitality financial controller and his relation to and effect on the rest of the management team. Demonstrating Knowledge and Understanding Purpose Statement Primary Purpose