One Question Per Page false 1 Ash: OK, so what time is it? Stephen: I don't know. I don't have a watch. Tristan: Ah. It's almost]]> 2 Jay Marie: Oh, this is lovely, Ashlie. I've always wanted a traditional English afternoon tea. Ash: Yes, it's nice, isn't it? Though we don't do it]]> 3 Guide: So here we are now in the clock room. This is called the chime train. It governs the]]> 4 Tristan: I thought the tower was called Big Ben? Guide: No, it's just the name of the bell. Stephen: Yes. In fact, the tower is called the]]> 5 Ashlie: Hey, wow! It's already]]> Stephen: Hello, Ashlie. I can't hear you. It's really loud up here.]]>