One Question Per Page false false This fruit has brown, hairy skin and green or yellow flesh with small black seeds. 3 This fruit looks like a small orange, but has a sweeter flesh. 2 This fruit grows on trees and has green or purple skin, which we can eat. 2 This small fruit grows in bunches and has red or dark red skin. Its flesh is sweet and its stone is very hard. 1 This fruit has a pink or red skin, white flesh and a large black seed. 2 This fruit is like a peach but has smooth instead of hairy skin. 3 This fruit can be very large, grows on the ground and usually has a sweet pink or red flesh. 3 This small, dark blue fruit grows on bushes and is eaten whole, seeds and all. 1 This fruit's juice is pink and deliciously sweet. 1 This fruit is about the size of an orange and we eat the red seeds inside. 3 This fruit has a yellow, red, purple or green skin and a juicy pulp. 2 This fruit has yellow, red or orange flesh and large black seeds inside. 3